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Watch for Bad Behaviors during Tough Times

It is pretty clear - tough times can lead to bad behavior. Examples include: hiding information self-serving actions empire building blaming others for mistakes undermining other people's team Leaders need to watch for these bad behaviors and quash them when they become visible. Especially in these economically challenging times, people become more anxious about losing their jobs because they are doubtful that they can find another good job. As a leader, you need to be extra careful to ask yourself "what could the alterior motives be?". Look at people's actions from all angles. Do not naively assume that all intents are good. If a person's approach or attitude changes dramatically, there may be something to think through. For example, if someone has recently started to build a larger organization, ask yourself why that might be and if it's in the best interest of the group and the company. If a person has recently become critical of other folks whom they hav

Technology - Innovation and Productivity?

With all the technical advances we've made, where is all the corresponding productivity? I'm not talking about a minor increase in productivity, I am talking about a significant increase given the miriad of advancements over the past 5 years. Here a short list of my top-of-mind technical advancements: VOIP, mobility, Web 2.0 capabilities, collaboration capabilities, IM, Facebook, video, YouTube, cell phone capabilities, iPhone and all the iPhone apps, wireless and wi-fi, SaaS, WebEx, blogging, Twitter, etc. Are we just behind in adopting these new capabilities? Are we generationally challenged and the productivity is latent until the next generation grows up? Have we really not cracked the code on how to leverage these and therefore the value isn't fully tapped? Are the technologies lacking integration and therefore we are not getting a positive compounding effect on productivity? Ask yourself - Is your life easier? Do you have more 'quality time' with family