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Top 4 Reasons Why IT is Not A Strategic Enabler

1) Lack of Business Knowledge - If the IT group does not know and cannot concisely articulate a) the business goals and objectives and b) the business processes including pain points, IT will not be able to play a strategic role. It is not possible for IT to create a strategic plan which is aligned to the business without understanding where the business wants to go. Being able to proactively provide options and create solutions requires IT to internalize the business objectives and truly understand where the business is going. 2) Inability to Speak in Business Terms - IT must be able to explain current projects and activities as well as future opportunities in business terms. It is not enough to describe changes to systems, applications, databases, etc - IT must articulate the business value and the business capabilities such as enabling growth opportunities, new business models, improvements to customer and partner experience and cost avoidance or reductions. 3) Lack of Agility