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The Intersection of Value and Feasibility

One of the responsibilities of a world-class IT organization is to proactively guide the business in terms of options and opportunities that allow the business to meet their objectives. For example, if the business team is interested in expanding business to Emerging Markets, IT should proactively think about capabilities such as the ability to provide local language interfaces, the ability to scale Channel Sales through EM partners, pricing and tax impacts, 2 Tier selling models, etc. In all cases IT should consider the approach of considering the intersection of business value and feasibility when suggesting a roadmap or set of options to the business team. The intersection of business value and feasibility is an important concept because the IT portfolio should be constructed of projects that provide value but at the same time are actually possible to execute. This may seem obvious but I have seen many situations in which IT signs up for a "high-value" and "no feas