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The Death of the e-Commerce Web Site

I am amazed at how many companies are still convinced that building a "killer" e-commerce web site should be their top priority. Sure, if your primary customer base is Consumer, then that may be the singular way for your customers to interface with your company. But if your customer base includes SMB or Enterprise customers and the majority of your effort is focused on building a beautiful web site, you're way off base. It isn't 1995 or 2000. The way in which SMB and Enterprise companies want to do business is not by going to a web site and entering all their ordering information. That concept is long dead. SMB and Enterprise businesses want to work within their own environments and operational models, not be forced into an artificial workflow that is designed by the company that wants to sell solutions. What has changed? All companies have their own operational workflows, their own systems (ERP, CRM, PRM, etc), their own data, their own processes and policies.