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Another "re-do" - great leadership lesson

As I read about the fall of another technology icon, I recall a lesson that I received from one of my favorite managers (Christina Kite) who used to say "Don't expect the same people that got you into the mess to get you out of the mess". In any situation in which a company has done phenomenally well and then phenomenally poorly, it's ironic that the same leaders who would take credit for any level of success (along with high pay and high bonuses) would be the same leaders who shirk responsibility from failure. It would be hard to argue that "strategic" errors are fundamentally the responsibility of the senior leadership teams. In the case of a major challenge related to strategy, the key question is how do you bring new folks to the table to reset the course of a company while retaining some level of historical knowledge. How do you break the thought-process that got you into the bad place?