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Two Reactions to Change 1) Paralysis 2) Enthusiasm

It seems to be the case that there are two reactions to change: 1) Paralysis - "freeze in place" or simply fear seem to be common reactions to change; ignore change and hope things actually stay the same 2) Enthusiasm - embracing change actually drives more change, faster; this typically requires courage and risk taking; enthusiasm and excitement about change is a valuable but sometimes elusive character trait

Pragmatism is the Secret Sauce of Enterprise Architecture

There are many incorrect ways to approach Enterprise Architecture (EA). In the case of a failed EA approach, you may find remnants of a technology-only focus, remnants of an arrogant and aloof team, remnants of a team with no business knowledge, remnants of no executive support, etc. I like to say that pragmatism is the secret sauce of Enterprise Architecture. Pragmatism needs to be used every day in an EA team when making decisions about how best to apply EA within a company, how best to engage the various business teams, how best to engage the various IT teams, how best to demonstrate value and how best to evolve and mature the EA function. My best advice in terms of setting EA up for success is as follows: 1) Immediately engage EA in the true enterprise level programs and activities within the company. Help those programs be successful by applying a holistic enterprise view. 2) Leverage pragmatism in your decision making processes while moving the company to a more holistic w