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Simplified View of PG&E E-6 Rate Schedule

If you have solar and have switched to PG&E E-6 Time of Use (TOU) rate schedule, this is an attempt to simplify understanding that rate schedule. In my case, my kids were curious about when they can use electricity at the least expensive time of day. People with solar systems installed sometimes which to the "E-6 Time of Use" instead of the standard residential rate schedule which is called "E-1". The reason for the switch to a Time of Use when you have a solar system installed is the following: Solar systems generate the most electricity between the hours of 10 pm and 4pm PG&E essentially credits you for your solar power generation By switching to Time of Use, PG&E credits you at their highest 'Peak' and 'Partial Peak' rates The possible downside of E-6 Time of Use is that the rates are highest during the day so if you work from home or use a lot of electricity during the day, your rates could be higher. Most people are at wor