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Gartner Symposium 2012 - Summary

Summary of the Orlando Gartner Symposium 2012 (all my tweets of the event can be found by searching "colbert gartnersym" on twitter) Key Messages: - about 2300 CIOs attended - 91% of the attendees were using a tablet-based device (looked like all iPads to me) - Gartner's key message = a nexus of forces is obsoleting the traditional IT approach - Four forces creating this nexus Social Mobile Information Cloud - key question for CIO's - how do they support growth and company success? - focus on customer experience - 3 imperatives FOCUS - do what only IT can do CONNECT - integration and connected architectures LEAD - activities and results; agile; collaboration; coopting vs controlling - Enterprise Architecture must focus on Business Outcomes first - John Chambers - Cisco is winning - Meg Whitman - HP will take a year off to regroup - Colin Powell - amazing leader; just endorsed Obama for presidency - Core Architectural Principles