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Fixing XYPieChart crashing in XCode Objective-C mobile app

I was embedding XYPieChart into one of my apps in order to get some cool pie charts into my app. It was crashing so I searched for ways to fix it. A guy had posted that the app needed to be using ARC, the memory management capability in Xcode. Here's how you to switch your app to use ARC for XYPieChart: First you need to change the XYPieChart.h file so that "datasource" and "delegate" are not "weak". These must be "strong" in order to use ARC. By default the XYPieChart has these set to "weak". See below in terms of how this should look after changing to "strong". Next, with your project open, go to "Edit" then "Reformat" then "Convert to Objective-C ARC". The following screen will appear: Select "Next" and walk through the steps.