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Leveraging Business Architecture to Lead Business Transformation

Betsy Burton Betsy Burton Leveraging Business Architecture to Lead Business Transformation Business architecture critical to making successful business changes. Guide the business transformational change. Business arch is part of Ent Arch. Business architecture is something we do not something we deliver. Maturity level of organizations - what’s your primary focus? The interest in Solutions Arch increases over the maturity increase of a company A lot of interest in Business Arch at early and late maturity. Declines in the middle - chasm - then picks back up when company is more mature. Business outcome-driven business architecture Enterprise Architecture artifacts without the ability to take action are not useful to the business. 1) Develop Ent Arch outcome-driven deliverables in the context of the business strategy and direction. Business strategy contains four key elements a) a diagnosis b) a guiding policy c) a set of coherent actions d) defined target busi

The Role of the Data Scientist

The Role of the Data Scientist and the Art of Data Science Gareth Herschel More Skills are needed!! … we need analytic leaders which blend IT, Data Science and Business. Analytic Leaders exist to change the business. The way I look at my job and role has changed. What does it take to become an analytic leader? How are Data Scientists different? Traditionally we use SW engineers to build an app to solve a problem. A data scientist answers questions that we did not even know we had. Data Scientist - the sexiest job of the 21st Century Analytics vs BI - four variations of data analysis - 1) descriptive - monitoring 2) diagnostic - understanding 3) predictive - anticipating 4) prescriptive - controlling Data scientist cycles between deductive and inductive reasoning. Ultimately towards deductive reasoning. Business skills of a data scientist: 1) cast salient questions 2) legal, ethics, regulations 3) decision making 4) performance criteria If you get t

Top challenges with integrating EA and App Architecture

Top challenges with integrating EA and App Architecture - lack of common understanding of disciplines - gaps and overlaps b/c of unclear responsibilities - disruptions of risks and opportunities - hard to attribute success of the whole among the parts Gartner’s proposed definitions EA - strategic view; what new biz capabilities will be needed; enterprise vs local solutions Enterprise Solutions Architecture - enterprise shared solutions App Architecture - How to build proposed solutions across the portfolios Solution Architecture - builds and enhances business capabilities; execution oriented EA is a discipline and delivers value by presenting business and IT leaders with signature-ready recommendations EA addresses the evolution of legacy applications and meets the new demands of web-centric, process-oriented, event-driven, highly distributed or cloud-based systems. EA - delegate and coordinate; inform and empower; few critical standards and more guidanc

16th Annual Gartner Ent Arch Conference - Keynote

16th Annual Gartner Ent Arch Conference Chris Howard - digital world is upon us - every leader is becoming - “every person is becoming a technology company” - IT industrialization → IT Digitilization - pursuit of business moments - the things you used to control are no longer within your control - differentiation is in “business moments” - information is your most important asset IT 2020 - Digital Leadership - digital technology architecture - enterprise information architecture - cyber security and risk - digital business ecosystem BIg Data explosion with Internet of Everything -- change business model, new questions and new answers, new revenue -- cyber security is major concern; understanding risk is critical -- will need a portfolio of security solutions; not one solution will cover all security capabilities Hung Hong - business process ( - business model ( - business moment (eg AirBnB) - come from nowhere; Starwood is competing against